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I recently published a guest post from a regular reader. The article he wrote was considered, thoughtful and a great adjunct to the article series I’m running on affiliate marketing.

Having published his guest article, I thought I’d give my own commentary on it by way of video. So this is, in effect, a video review of that guest article.

The video runs for about 8 minutes so it doesn’t take long to go through it.

When you’ve had chance to watch it, please leave me your comments and join in the conversation. Is what we’re saying right? Have you experienced this yourself? Do you disagree? Let me know and please share this page as much as you can.

[playmepro5src=”http://tvwvideos.s3.amazonaws.com” file=”curateddavidguestpost.mp4″ local=”false” exp=”2000″ play=”false” lbox=”false” width=”640″ height=”360″ pholder=”” esource=”s3″ ]

If you haven’t read the original guest article, you can find it here.