Pixabay Image 338481I’ve had a few people contact me to ask about how to add audio to their blog posts. Even though video is big (HUGE) these days, a simple audio can still be very beneficial to your readers. I wanted some audio on my new “Question and Answer” page on this blog, so I recorded how I did it.

You can do most of what you need with free software, but you can’t get around the need for a microphone of some kind. The built-in ones on most computers/laptops are generally not all that good, so I use a headset to get better quality. You can hear the quality of the sound I get from the audio version of this post, just below. Yes, I practise what I preach 🙂

Here’s the audio version of this post:


Here’s the video showing how to add audio (notice the audio quality is different when recorded in Camtasia, compared to using Audacity!):