This is not a negative, or maudlin post, but it is one I’ve been thinking about publishing for a few weeks. Right now would seem to be the time to put my thoughts out there.

Too busy to read? Listen instead.

Coming to the end of the second week of the UK lockdown and some people are faring well. Others are struggling with the dramatic change in their day.

I’m lucky that I’m not too adversely affected and my mental state is barely affected at all. But for those who are struggling, this is a terrible time. All the wonderful statements that we’ll get through it and we’ll defeat it and all the rest of it are great soundbites.

But in the end those who are struggling will probably continue to find it very difficult.Light at the end of the tunnel is usually portrayed as a good thing.

But what if when *you* look the end of the tunnel seems a very, very, very long way away? That could be extremely discouraging. “This too shall pass.” Yup, but when?

Focusing on the now rather than the then is probably a better way to deal with this uncertainty of timescale. If we keep waiting for the end of this situation, it’s like watching a kettle boil. It takes forever. Go do something else and focus your mind elsewhere and the kettle boils pretty fast – sometimes before you’re even ready for it!

My point?

Fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run. When you look back you’ll be amazed at how far you managed to go.

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