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I’ve been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking for many years. When it first came out (a long time ago) accuracry was not that good, but it was still impressive!

The latest versions are truly incredible. So easy to use and so powerful, I think anyone who needs to produce content should take a look.

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[playme5 src=”http://tvwvideos.s3.amazonaws.com/Usingdragon.mp4″ exp=”6000″]

Here’s a special link where you can get 20% off: CLICK HERE TO SAVE 20%

Here’s the text I dictated in the video. You saw how I dictated it – no real effort of any kind. With a little bit more care I would have had close to 100% accuracy. As it is, I’m probably up at 95% or higher. The couple of small mistakes in here would take seconds to fix!

So, what you can see now is that I am actually in live dictation mode and in fact I’m looking at the camera while I’m doing this so I’m not even looking at the screen.  That is a rather peculiar feeling to be quite honest with you, and at the moment I have no idea what you are seeing on the screen but when we turn back will have a look and see exactly what where getting from the dictation.

Well, that looks pretty good from what I can see and you’ll be able to judge it for yourself because I’m showing you this without any corrections of any kind.  Normally what you would do is check what you doing as you work, but once you got used to this I think what you can do is just continue talking in a normal conversational tone as I’m doing here.  And again I’ve turned to the camera see can see that you can do this without looking and if you want to you can even use a phone such as an iPhone or an android device and they have something called a remote microphone seeker speaking to the phone and have the words appear on your screen see you could sit away from your desk.

The only thing I would say really is that if you’re speaking in a stream of consciousness type of thing as I’m doing here, you may get really long sentences which are not very readable!

So you can see how easy this is it’s very simple to do you just talk.  Of course you do have to speak out loud the punctuation that you want, as I just did there, but you soon get used that and it’s pretty easy to do once you start thinking about it.  Like anything else you have to do a little bit of practice to get things fluid and easy to use, but that’s just a natural consequence of using something new and it quicker than you might think!

So I’m actually going to post this entire word dictated article of voice dictated article I should say into my blog so you can read it as well see it on screen anyway I hope that helps and I’ll see you next time!


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