Go where your customers are

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If you want to make sales, you could do no worse than the merchant I’ve just seen.

Frankly, I could hardly believe my eyes. You see, here in the UK we’ve had what is for us quite a warm day. And then it happened…

What happened?

An ice cream van drove into the area where I live. The music for ice-cream vans is instantly recognizable.

Within seconds children were pouring out of houses running towards the ice-cream.

You can buy ice-cream all over the place. Supermarkets, petrol (gas) stations and so on.

But this guy took his products to where his customers are. Where I live there are quite a large number of younger families with children.

The Secret?

girloncomputerThat’s one of the secrets to selling products. Stand in front of your customers (or put your site/advert/listing in front of them)!

Does that sound too obvious? It isn’t. It’s frankly astonishing how many people do not go where the customers are.

There are people online all day long looking for solutions to their problems. If you have the solution you just have to stand in front of them. One way is by building your own subscriber list (I have a report coming soon on that) and another way is to go where they already hang out.

I’ve been doing that recently to test a strategy for making real money online. You can get started pretty much for nothing and it works. I’ll be talking more about that as well in the next week or so. It’s not a way to make millions. It is a way to make some money online and it can be a reasonable amount – enough to make a difference to most people.


I thought I’d update this post (one of the comments makes reference to timing) because of what happened just a few minutes ago.

The same ice-cream van came round again. But this is in the middle of the day on a Wednesday. It’s not a likely time for the most likely customers (children) to be here. I watched carefully through my window when I heard the familiar ice-cream song playing.

One customer bought from him.

So go where your customers are, but make sure you turn up at the same time as them! That’s something I just learned about my customers recently, using a software tool called Paydrill. After analyzing three years of data for me, it shows me that most of my sales take place between 10 and 11 am – that’s a surprise to me. I would have expected it to be later in the day.

What does that mean? I’m going to test this to find out, but if I hit my subscriber inboxes at the time they are most likely to buy? It seems logical that I might make more sales that way. You can get your own copy of Paydrill here.

Give me your thoughts about these topics and I’ll expand on this entire concept in a future post!


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