Wow, does this work!  I hosted a webinar on Thursday for Jon Leger and I did the pitching of the service. So far in three days we’ve sold over  $40,000.00 $52,000.00 of product!

This is what Jon Said to me:

“Amin’s silky smooth voice brings an air of sophistication and professionalism to the webinars that simply cannot be bought. I can tell that his tone and voice make a real difference in winning the trust of the attendees. That, of course, has a real impact on the bottom line when it comes time to pitch the sale.”

He also emailed me these comments:

“Awesome… I really do think that your style makes the webinars far more successful.”

“I think you could do voice-overs or be a great audiobook reader. You reading Great Expectations? Awesome. :D”

A vocal training course has now been released and I’ve been through it. I used just a few of the techniques I learned on the webinar that did over $52k in sales – that’s on a single webinar and I’m not a trained salesman!

So does the course work? I think so 🙂

For anyone who is seriously interested in making more money by being more effective at communicating, I believe this is worth every penny.

I recommend this very strongly – get hold of it even if you’re going to need some time to become confident to use it. Just get it and put it to use.

[playme5 src=”″ play=”true”]

(Please allow a few moments for the video to load.)

When you get this through my link I will add you to my bonus member’s area automatically. I’m creating a course on how to be confident making “talking head” videos and it will be ready in a couple of weeks. You’ll get that automatically as soon as it’s available.


Make sure you see 38785 when paying, to qualify for the bonus!






In the previous video (now removed and superseded by the one above) I’m giving you a heads up about training that will be available today (Feb 4th) that can help you to maximize your sales. In my own experience videos have made a big difference to the sales I make. But I was just as scared of going in front of the camera as you probably are!

I just overcame it by doing it and suffering the pain (it’s uniquely scary to put yourself out there). But even though I’m now confident enough to appear on camera, I know the way I present vocally can still be improved. So I’m going to grab the training I mentioned. I’ll let you know if it’s any good.

If the training is any good, I’ll offer it to you and as a bonus I’ll give you access to my next report, which is about being confident on camera and using video in your business. That report isn’t finished yet, but will be by the end of next week. By that time you should have gone through the vocal training!