You missed out on the deal, the extra site and my bonuses this time around. But I’ll keep looking for the best deals for you, so keep checking your emails!

postmasker2If you had bought through my link you’d have received a bonus copy of my PostMasker WordPress plugin. Allowing you to build timeline ads (at no cost) on your Facebook pages, this is a great tool for promoting your new authority site.

On top of that I was offering a download of over 750 images that you can use as you wish. You can resize them and use them in posts, ebooks, promos, videos – pretty much everywhere.

But you don’t even need to resize them. I’m going to give you a total of 7 different resized copies of each image – that’s a total of over 5,000 images.


An example of Just a few of the 10,000 images you’ll receive

I also¬†added in over 5,000 black and white versions of those images. That’s a total of over 10,000 images that you I included in this bonus, to make your content media rich.

All you had to do was buy through my link. Sadly, the deal has expired now. Better luck next time!