I regularly get questions about various aspects of online marketing and related topics.

Some of them are very specific to a unique situation the questioner has. I can’t answer every question personally, of course. But I try to answer as many as I can.

And if a question has a general significance that may be of use to other people, I like to make the answer available to everyone on my subscriber list where possible. You’ll see the answers I’ve given listed in the menu at the top right.

If you’re in a rush, listen to the short audio introduction here:

For that reason I’ve started this new section of the site. If I’m asked a question where the answer might be useful to several people, or many, I’ll put the answer on here. I won’t share any private or personal information from the questioner, for obvious reasons. So if you’re wanting to submit a question but nervous, don’t worry. I won’t give away your trade secrets, or name! If there’s any other information you don’t want shared you can just let me know.

Where possible (but only where possible) I’ll still try to answer as many direct queries as I can. In general though you’ll find answers in these pages, so please do come back regularly to see if there’s an answer of use to you.