In this short video, I’m showing you how to optimize your videos for filesize. [If it doesn’t play, just refresh the page or try a different web browser]

It may seem a bit weird that a video editor (Camtasia, Adobe Premiere and similar) may not always give you the best mix of filesize and image quality. Many videos editors do quite well, but there is often a bit more efficiency to be squeezed out of a video.

So when I can, assuming I’m not rushing to upload a video for some reason, I use something called Handbrake. It’s free and you can get it from here.

You’ll see me using it in the video below (which has also been run through Handbrake! It went from 84.2mb to 23.7mb – quite a saving).

I take a 165mb video file and turn it into a 20.5mb video file. The quality is more than adequate for what I need, but you can use more conservative settings if you need higher quality.

I’m not saying that the settings I used are perfect. Everyone will have a different view of what is acceptable, so you have to do a little experimenting to find your preferences.

The free media player I show in the video is called VLC and it seems to handle weird file formats pretty well. You can get that from here.

But what is true is that in almost every case you can improve the filesize of a video, without hurting the quality.

The extra options code I used in the examples in the video is this:      cabac=0:ref=2:me=umh:bframes=0:weightp=0:subq=6:8x8dct=0:trellis=0

The embedded video here fits within the screensize of this post. If you want a bigger video size you can expand it to full screen.