Things I didn’t know

I was watching Pretty Woman the other day. It was on tv and I was kind of web surfing and half watching.

For some reason I paid particular attention to the end credits. I’ve seen the film a few times before, but never really noticed the credits.

What surprised me was the fact that the piece of music Richard Gere plays on the piano …. was not only actually played by him, but composed by him as well!

I’ve always liked his acting, but never knew he was a talented musician as well.

Just goes to show what information you can uncover if you keep your eyes peeled!

UPDATE: I just watched a UK comedy show final episode. It’s set several years after the original series ended. The show itself relied on a lot of previous incidents to create the humour. But the thing that I found interesting was in the credits (yes, I’ve been reading credits a bit more lately!)

The main star of the show is called Dawn French. In the credits it actually said “Dawn French supplied by French and Saunders Productions”.

What a strange way to categorise a human being – as an item to be “supplied”!

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