Thinking Like Churchill

I’ve bought a ton of books recently, some for pleasure reading and some for learning.

One of the latter is called “How to think like Churchill.” In fact a few days after buying the book I saw a Churchill quote on another marketer’s blog – and then picked up a cheap copy of a biography of Churchill.

If you’ve never heard of Winston Churchill I’d be surprised, since most of my subscribers are not young kids. But whether you’ve heard of him or not, his wisdom and collected sayings offer a lot of insight into resilience and success.

That kind of learning is something I like to do regularly. It’s not enough to learn how to do something one time. You really have to keep learning and re-learning on an ongoing basis.

What does that have to do with internet marketing? Simple really. It’s the same thing. You have to keep learning new things, techniques, strategies. Nothing stands still. This is not an easy ride. There is real work involved.

So when I see people falling for all the hype that’s published every week, I become disappointed. Too many decent people are promised the earth at the click of a mouse. Sorry, that’s never going to happen. And deep down you know that.

Pixabay Image 321499How can you see to it that you don’t fall for the hype then? I think the best way is to learn just what the hype is. That way you’ll recognize it when you see it!

I have conversations on my live webinars and also sometimes directly with my subscribers. A couple of things stand out. One is the fact that everyone seems to be scared of not producing perfection – even though there is no such thing. And second a lot of people spend time buying stuff and learning, but then never go out and do.

You can learn everything under the sun about internet marketing – it’s worth nada until you make some effort.

Are you stuck in the buying and “learning” phases? That’s a beginning, sure. But be honest with yourself and ask whether you do as much as you should. Nobody else is going to do it for you, unless you pay them.  So if you can’t afford a team of people working for you (most of us can’t) and you have to do everything yourself….go ahead and do it.

It’s actually surprising to some people that when you take regular action you get regular results. It sounds obvious. But I’ve literally had people tell me they didn’t know it would work.

Of course it works. Rinse and repeat. We’ve all heard it. Time to get out there and start doing some rinsing and repeating!


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