Video Tutorials

This week there’s a new product (you can check on it here if you like) which is a much cheaper alternative to Camtasia. If you don’t know, Camtasia is a screen recording and editing video platform.

Video is big. People love video. You only have to look at the YouTube statistics to know that. And people especially low “how-to” videos.

I know that you have knowledge that is valuable to someone else. Even if you don’t think you do, you do! Most of us – unless we’re real narcissists – tend to undervalue our experience and knowledge. But other people won’t undervalue it.

Naturally you have to share your knowledge before anyone can be impressed by it and there are lots of ways to do that.

  • ebooks
  • live workshops
  • 1-to-1 tuition
  • webinars
  • physical books

Video is also a great way of sharing knowledge, particularly of processes, software and applications. A video can show someone how to do something and they can watch it time and again until they get it.

Over the years I’ve made many videos, some tutorial, some for fun, some for reviews of products (a great use of video btw.) and without exception those videos always do well for me.

If you haven’t yet tried making a video of some kind, make one for yourself so you get used to the process. Don’t show it to anyone unless you want to. Do it so that you get used to doing it. The first few can be scary (they were for me) but they get easier the more you do.

Make all your video mistakes early on in videos that you don’t share. That way you won’t feel pressured or embarrassed. Then, when you’re ready, start making real videos. You can start with making some free videos and just publish them on your blog, or YouTube.

At some point you’ll either be able to sell videos, or use them in affiliate promotions to sell other products.

Videos work. If you’re not already using them in your workflow you are missing out.

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