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” base64=”yes” track=”no”]This is a guest post from one of my regular readers, David Shaw. 

“I have been pursuing the IM Dream for four years now. You know the one, you probably have a similar dream.

  • Not having to work for a boss you don’t respect
  • Not having to work for a company you don’t believe in
  • Being able to earn a lot and not have to work as many hours.
  • Financial independence and the ability to provide for your family.

Lately for me, the surging house prices where I live (Auckland, NZ) means that I feel I need to earn one of those six figure IM incomes to have a chance of owning my own house.

And so on I go.

But it has occurred to me that maybe I have a problem. We call it “Shiny Object Syndrome” in this industry but really that is the tip of the iceberg. I’m starting to wonder if being in Internet Marketing is a bit like a gambling addiction.

Pixabay Image 602976That rush that I get when I buy into the promises of the latest and greatest launch – it may be the one that will help me towards my dream. But it could be that those sales pages are just like pokie machines in a casino – promises of riches that are altogether unlikely and where the house (the product owner/marketer) is the only one who ever truly wins. And it also occurred to me I was very unlikely to be alone with this problem.

In writing this article I went and looked at a local website (http://www.familydoctor.co.nz/) that lists symptoms of gambling addiction. Here’s what I read and my thoughts as it relates to how I experience Internet Marketing.

Pixabay Image 570704Some signs of problem gambling:

• Constantly thinking about and preparing for gambling sessions – most of the time that I am not engaged in some specific activity, I am thinking about Internet Marketing and what I need to do next to try and earn some money. I might also be thinking about a new product that has just come out and wondering if it is something that will serve me
• Gambling more often and playing higher stakes to “win back” lost money – this is a major for me. When I am feeling lowest, that financial pressure is at it’s highest and my future seems bleakest, I am most likely to “invest” in a high ticket offer in order to “get serious” about earning a lot of money. About earning back money lost thus far. And it has been a lot of money. I know I can’t afford to lose that money but the thought of being able to turn my life around and “win big” hooks me in
• Gambling during work or when you are expected at home – there are many days when I feel the need to do something IM related when I am at my full time job. It is not great work ethic but sometimes I cannot focus on anything else. I work on the IM many hours after dinner as well, times I could spend with my partner
• Gambling to escape from stress and pressure – as I mentioned before, when life gets really tough, I become more susceptible to the promises of a carefully crafted sales funnel
• Getting into debt from gambling and lying to borrow money to gamble – this has not happened yet, I hope it never does
• Using illegal means to finance gambling – will never happen. Period.
• Neglecting family and other responsibilities – I put in all those hours to make a decent living for my family. But in the meantime they are losing out on time with me. It is hard to find balance here.

Image from page 275 ofHaving read this, how do you fare when it comes to these signs of a gambling problem? Do you think you have a problem similar to me, or are you completely in control of your emotions and are able to apply cold hard logic to each and every purchasing decision you are forced to make?

In closing, I will say that it is deeply ingrained in me that I should never quit. That the only true way to fail is to stop trying to succeed. But this very mindset may be fuelling my ultimate downfall. Or it could very well be the attitude that will see me successful one day and telling this story from a different perspective.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope that in reading of my experiences, it may allow you to have a new perspective of your own”

I’ve added my own commentary on David’s points in this video post. But for everywhere you see the word gambling or problem gambling you could easily substitute the phrase “chasing the IM dream”. You can read other posts David has written on his own site at http://yomurphy.com/


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