What kind of work environment do you have?

I’ve read a news story today about unusual working spaces. It resonates with me because I’m going to be trying a different working space in about a week’s time. I’ll be working in a park (yes, really) to see how it affects me.

Many people are fatigued at ‘work’ and dream of leaving the rat race and working from home. But there is something about working from home that can be oppressive. For one thing, you are surrounded by work the entire day. At least with at j.o.b. you get to leave at 5 or 6pm, or whenever.

Not everyone is cut out to work from home. Besides, if you have children, or pets, it can be difficult to get the kind of quiet you need to concentrate. There’s another issue with working from home.

Everyone who knows you thinks you’re not working! They think you’re just sitting on your behind all day, doing nothing. And they think nothing of disturbing you because of that. Where a friend, or family member, would be unlikely to pester you in an office environment they may well feel justified in doing so if you’re “at home”.

That’s not the reason I want to try working in a different environment. I’ve been pretty blunt with people when they’ve disturbed me, or tried to more than once. I’ve made it very clear that I’m working and don’t like being disturbed.

Pixabay Image 40925In fact the reason I’m going to be trying a change of venue is to see how it affects my health. It has deteriorated somewhat because I am sitting at the computer so much. I think being closer to nature and fresh air, with a chance to take a gentle walk several times a day should be beneficial.

Anyone who is virtually chained to the computer all day should probably think about how they can overcome the negative effects of that. It doesn’t even really make any difference whether you’re there through choice, or because it’s your “job” and your boss makes you. Sitting for extended periods of time, indoors, does not contribute to good health.

I won’t be going quite as far as some of the people in the related story – interesting as the alternative workspaces are, they’re not for me – but I will be putting myself where I can get a wifi signal as well as fresh air, green spaces and exercise.

From the conversations I have with other marketers, it seems I’m not alone in feeling the effects of the sedentary lifestyle. If you work in a regular office you might still be sedentary, but nothing like as much as if you work from home.

I’ll let you know how my own experiments turn out!

Here’s the article which got me thinking about writing this post: BBC news item


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