When it’s time to move on

Over the last few weeks various personal issues have come to a head for me and tonight I got the news that my cousin died today.

As a young boy I looked after him and his sisters – they lived with their mother at my family home and became part of our extended family.

Nobody was expecting anything, his general health was fine. It was all a bit of a shock – he was still a young man – and tragically it follow his mother’s death last year.

He was fine this morning and by the evening he was gone. Who knows how long we have on this planet?

I’ve been thinking for a while of taking a break from internet marketing.  I can’t provide the energy and focus it requires right now and I have the sense that I’m focusing on things that, ultimately, may not be all that important in the bigger scheme of things. It’s important to earn a living, for sure, but it’s important not to be consumed doing so.

The sudden death of my cousin suggests that maybe that’s true. I haven’t seem him or his 2 sisters for a while. I meant to do it when I came back to this country, but all my time seems to be spent in front of a monitor.  I’ve got my priorities wrong in so many ways.

I have a couple of projects that I’ll hand over to somebody to continue with – I’ll pay them to run them for me, but I won’t be investing all my personal time in them. I can’t. Other people can handle them better than I can anyway, even if I still had the drive to see to them personally.

My own health has suffered because I haven’t taken care of myself. It’s so easy to be swallowed up by this exciting game called internet marketing, but sometimes you just have to ask what it’s all for.

So, for those reasons and 100 others too personal to detail, I’m saying ‘see you around’.  I hope each and every one of you gets what you want out of IM and enriches your life and your family’s in the process. Just remember to stop and smell the roses along the way sometimes.

Good luck to you all,

Maybe we’ll meet again online sometime in the future.


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