You ARE Losing Money

I can tell you right now that if you’re an internet marketer of any kind you are losing money. It’s probably even worse if you’ve been round the block a few times.

The reason is simple: You’re doing something wrong. Now, I don’t know what it is that you’re doing wrong. You’ll have to find that out for yourself. But I can safely say that you are doing at least one thing wrong.

This was brought home to me today by something totally unrelated to internet marketing. Let me explain.

I’ve been able to swim for about 40 years. I’m not a very good swimmer, but I can swim. Thanks largely to the internet lifestyle I now have a pool at my home and I have the time to use it whenever I want.  Trouble is I don’t really want to use it much because I’m not that good a swimmer.

But today we had guests over so we all took a splash. My brother asked me how to do the breast stroke. I gave him an answer.

“Wrong answer”, came the voice next to me – my wife.  Turns out that the way I swim the breast stroke is wrong, ineffecient and just plain hard work. After a very, very short explanation on the right way I tried it. Now I’ve never been told this before, even after 20 years of marriage and 40 years of swimming. And I never went looking for the answer, either.

Ok, so this isn’t life-changing, but my swimming speed went up about 70%, maybe more, and the ease of swimming definitely improved immediately. I was pretty astonished. For 40 years I’ve been doing it wrong and because I could swim I thought I was doing it right. I hadn’t considered that just being able to do something doesn’t mean you’ve found the best way to do it.

So here’s how it impacts on internet marketing. You learn a technique and you apply it. Does it still work today? Does it need a change? Are you doing it right?

These are questions you can only answer if you bother to ask them in the first place. And once you do ask them you have to commit to acting on the answers. You see nothing stands still. So whatever you’re doing, especially if you’ve been doing it for a while, might be less than optimal. At the very least you should ask the question.

If you find that you’re already doing it the best way, keep doing it!

But, if you find there is room for improvement, will you make that improvement and reap the benefits?

Nobody learns something once in this industry and then never has to learn again. Change is a given and I’m afraid the effort of constant learning is the price you must expect to pay to keep up. That effort will reward you many times over.

What process do you take for granted in your internet marketing business?

Will you take a close look at it to see where you can improve?

Me? I’ve spent 4 hours in my pool today (try doing that with a J.O.B.) and I’ve now got sunburn – but that’s another story!

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